Oman Sea Tours

Oman Sea Tours

In an increasingly commercialized world, the Sultanate of Oman, a land and a people, can truly be described as unique. Of course, Arabia has exercised its attraction since the time of the ancient, being described by travellers of 2000 years ago as Arabia Felix, ‘Happy Arabia!’. And similarly, the Arabian Sea has long held a special place in man’s affections, being the home of legendary figures. Here are some of the most popular sea tours in Oman.


Sunset with the dolphins


Searching the sea for dolphins and whales in the ambience of the setting sun is the perfect way to end your day. Not every trip guarantees a sighting, but you are sure to enjoy your trip out to sea in full panorama of Oman’s magnificent coastline.


(Soft drinks, tea and coffee are served with snacks)


(We provide Complimentary Transport for all our customers staying in any of the hotels in the Capital Area)


(Special discount for children:

Up to 4 years 75% less, 5 years to 12 years 50% less)



Kayaking with dolphins


In the waters of Oman are many species of dolphins rarely spotted anywhere else in the world. Dolphins are found in abundance and love to sport and play with passing boats.


To watch these beautiful animals leap out of the water, twist and dive into the waters all around you from a small craft, in which you feel as if you are part of the ocean, is truly a remarkable experience, never to be forgotten. You will see hundreds of dolphins and some may come close enough to splash you.


The kayaks will be put on board a carrier boat and we will take you close to where the dolphins are to be found. You will then paddle a short distance into the dancing field of dolphins where you will have an unparalleled opportunity to view them up close and feel as if you are sporting in the water with them.


This Muscat kayaking trip will take place only when the sea is calm and weather conditions are safe.


(Soft drinks, tea and coffee are served with on-board breakfast)


(We provide Complimentary Transport for all our customers staying in any of the hotels in the Capital Area)



Snorkeling in Oman


Discover the secrets of Oman’s unspoiled underwater realm by Oman snorkeling trip. We guide you as you swim over colorful coral reef, among exotic tropical fish and other reef dwellers on our ecological underwater safaris. Our on-board specialist will introduce you to the fascinating ecology of Oman’s coral reefs with a brief presentation on marine life, including tips on what to look out for and how to interpret what you see as you swim over a living reef. Snorkeling instructions are provided for those new to the experience at sheltered sites. We provide individual sets of snorkeling equipment with a sterilized mouthpiece along with a clean packed towel for each of our guests.


(Soft drinks, tea and coffee are served with snacks.)



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