US Citizens eVisa for Brazil

US Citizens eVisa for Brazil

Blessed with postcard-worthy beaches, tall cliffs and clear waters, Praia de Pipa has become one of Brazil’s best-known beach destinations and is a favorite with both locals and tourists. The town is also known for its vibrant nightlife and offers visitors a slew of activities, including boating and surfing. But as popular as it is, the town, itself, is limited in size as it is surrounded by Environmental Protected Areas. That means that visitors can still enjoy the natural beauty of this area and swim in waters that are teeming with dolphins and turtles.

Depending on one’s perspective, the Museu de Arte Contempor?nea (Modern Art Museum) looks either like an upside down light fixture, an UFO or an elegant serving bowl. Designed by noted architect Oscar Niemeyer, the museum opened in 1996 in the Niteroi suburb city of Rio where it overlooks Rio and the bay. Some visitors say the building itself is more impressive than its contents.

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Types Of E-Visa for US Citizen Visiting Brazil

When you are applying for a regular visa to Brazil as an US citizen, you will find out that there are many types of visas that you can fill out the application for, depending upon the purpose of your visit. Similarly, an e-visa to Brazil for US citizen is also available in different formats. You can learn more about the following types of E-visa to Brazil:

E-Visa for Tourists,
E-Visa for people on Business,
E-Visa for visiting friends and relatives, and
E-Visa for visit for Sports, cultural, humanitarian, academic and/or scientific activities

However, for the US Citizens visa to Brazil, only the tourist version is available as of now. If you thinking how to get a visa to Brazil for US citizen?

The e Visa for Brazil for US citizens allows individuals who wish to visit Brazil for tourism, medical treatment, studies, or business access to Brazil for a period of up to 90 days per year and is valid for two consecutive years.

The Brazil travel visa for US citizens is a multiple-entry visa which does not limit the number of times that a tourist can enter Brazil as long as they do not exceed the 90-day maximum stay per year.

Visitors can apply for the visa for Brazil from the US in order to visit Brazil for many reasons including tourism, business, transit, journalism, sports or cultural purposes, scientific or study trips, volunteering and even short-term medical care.

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