Top travel locations to visit in Myanmar

Top travel locations to visit in Myanmar

An amazing destination, Myanmar, you must visit it at least once. Here are a few attractions in Myanmar. Mrauk U is an important archeological town. It was originally thought to be a fortress because of the thick walls, but the walls were made to protect temples from the fierce winds, not invaders. Stone temples can be found throughout the area. The medieval town was once an important Arakan capital and was an important trading city. Getting to this remote location involves a four- to seven-hour boat ride up a tributary of the Kaladan River. Travelers may want to bring rain gear at the region gets almost 1.2 meter (4 feet) of rain annually.

Kengtung Tong, the capital of the Golden Triangle area, is the beautiful attraction of Myanmar in the far east of Shan State where you are immensely impressed by the beauty of the rolling hills and the idyllic villages. The town is home to numerous Burmese ethnic tribes so it offers you a chance to soak in the cultural diversity of different groups. The arrival point is famous for its picturesque mountains and the ethnic groups living on it as well. This area is quite secluded and remains a vague location with many visitors. If you want a perfect trip here for Myanmar tourism you need to plan well and should go with a local tour guide.

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The Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the Myanmar top tourist attractions. This giant golden structure in Yangon rises to a height of 99 metres with its exterior covered in around 60 tonnes of gold. If you look up at the top of the stupa, you can see a 76-carat diamond as well as more than 7,000 smaller ones throughout the complex. Inside Shwedagon, there are smaller pagodas and pavilions dedicated to different Buddhist deities. Admission is MKK 8000 ($6 USD) and you should expect to spend up to three hours here. Be aware that you need to remove your shoes and it may be advisable to bring a plastic bag to carry your footwear.

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