Travel trends in 2019 and some attractions choosing tricks

Travel trends in 2019 and some attractions choosing tricks

Travel is a big education strategy. Travel is one of the most enjoyable and simple ways to stimulate creativity. Experts from INSEAD and the Columbia Business School observed this effect after analyzing the clothing lines launched by fashion houses around the world, over a period of 11 years, and after consulting the career history of the creative directors who contributed to them. . The conclusions showed how much the experience outside the country contributes to the development of sophisticated, out-of-the-box thinking, but also of the skills needed for career advancement. “Our results show how and why the professional experiences abroad of leaders can be a decisive catalyst for creativity and innovation in their organizations,” conclude the authors in the study published in the journal Academy of Management. Also, they believe that the benefits are not only valid for fashion creation directors, but also for people working in other fields.

Important travel trend , according to Round PlayGround, in 2019, events that change the way people travel: Under-tourism: Over-tourism is an issue at major tourist sites around the world, clogging city centers and in some cases causing irreparable damage to delicate antiquities and sensitive environments. The trend of under-tourism explores a burgeoning effort to encourage the entire travel industry to tackle over-tourism in creative ways.

We can travel anywhere, in a new country, in a new city, through our country, having so much to discover. Not only will our mind often travel and we will have perspective on new ideologies, cultures and customs, but we will be smarter and even more successful. Studies indicate that people who experience more varieties of culture are able to assimilate their work environment better and be ahead of the competition. Read more info at Round PlayGround.

It makes you more tolerant: During your travels you will meet people who are much different from you and if you travel far enough you will learn to accept these differences. The excursions open your horizons, give you new perspectives, enrich you and change you as a person, because you will become more tolerant and will accept other opinions more easily.

From the solar eclipse craze of 2017 to the media coverage of the most recent Mars landing to our collective fascination with companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin, we are increasingly looking beyond our atmosphere to find future destinations. But while galactic space flight might be a stretch in 2019, that isn’t holding intrepid travelers back from looking to the stars for their next trip. [New Mars lander safely touches down. What happens now?] To celebrate how far we’ve come, many will head to Houston this July for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and the opening of the Apollo Mission Center, a National Historic Landmark that will feature programs and exhibitions throughout the month celebrating the monumental effort that took us to the moon.

“Tourism can really make lasting change for girls and getting women into the workforce… you see the kind of heritage and cultural activities that tourism tends to support, a lot of them can be female led.” In 2019, make a lasting difference to a local community by empowering the women that live there. At the Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative in Jordan, local women are taught to hand make a range of cultural handicrafts, which in turn has attracted tourism to the area. By visiting the cooperative, tourists are creating a viable, sustainable business that helps local women have a better quality of life. Source: Round PlayGround

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