Rental car Memphis airport recommendation

Rental car Memphis airport recommendation

Looking for car hire at Memphis airport in Tennessee? Here are the top recommendations to get the highest quality car rental for the best cost. Drivers under 25 (or under 21 in some states) may either pay a much higher rate or a daily “underage” surcharge, face a large-dollar hold on their credit card, or not be able to rent at all. A possible solution for these younger drivers is a car-sharing organization like Zipcar. You can ply these shark-infested waters with minimal danger if you’re willing to plan ahead. It can be a chore, but worth it in the end. For instance, you may find that renting the smallest car isn’t the best choice. Sometimes the rate for a midsized car is lower than for a subcompact from the same company—and it is likely more comfortable and safer.

What can you see in Memphis? The Burkle Estate was built near the Mississippi River in 1849 by German immigrant Jacob Burkle as the home of the Memphis Stockyards, during an era when Memphis was the state’s largest slave-trading city. Unbeknownst to his slave-owning neighbors, however, beneath the simple-looking home, he had constructed numerous cellars and secret passages that were expressly designed as a safe-haven for escaped slaves. During the tour, visitors learn about the secret message system used to communicate between escapees and Underground Railway operators, find out how they traveled from one point to the next, and get a feel for the slave culture that was so much a part of the Old South. Most importantly, tourists can explore the damp tunnels to get a firsthand look at the conditions endured by so many people who were desperately trying to gain freedom. See more details on rent cars in Memphis TN.

Leverage the sharing economy instead. During a visit to Los Angeles a few years ago, our team member Rebecca rented a car through Turo, which lets individual car owners rent out their vehicles on the same model as Airbnb. Users browse the selection of available cars, read reviews, and request a booking. “The traditional rental car agencies were well outside of my budget,” she told me. “The price through Turo was a lot lower, and the car was nicer, even if it wasn’t the latest model. I’d definitely do it again. It was a great experience.”

Most popular rented car at Memphis airport : Like its larger sibling, the Corolla is a mainstay on America’s the top 10 best-selling cars list. And in this case, it’s also a darling of the rental car companies. Chances are if you’re booking a compact car that isn’t a hatchback (the Corolla hatch, the iM, isn’t a big fleet seller), you’re likely going to be given a Corolla. That’s not a bad thing. With a comfortable interior, competent powertrain, and relatively small footprint, a Corolla excels at everything you’d expect a rental car to do. Source:

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