Hong Kong attractions and methods to move out

Hong Kong attractions and methods to move out

5 top attractions in Hong Kong and ways to fly in? Hong Kong is an incredible travel destination. St John’s Cathedral, this cathedral is the oldest Anglican church in Hong Kong. It sits on Government Hill, and overlooks the financial district. Constructed in an English Gothic architectural style in the shape of a cross, it houses the seat of the Archbishop of Hong Kong. St John’s Cathedral has quite an unusual history – it was briefly turned into a club during the Japanese occupation of WW2, and many of its stained glass windows were removed. If you’re in Hong Kong at Christmas, the midnight service is highly popular. Queue up from 9pm to be sure of a seat.

If you’ve had enough of the tight confines of Hong Kong and are ready for a little exercise, try escaping to the Dragon’s Back Hike. Hong Kong’s most popular hiking trail, this hike offers spectacular views out over the ocean, Big Wave Bay, Mount Collinson, Stanley, and Shek O. It’s a pleasant change from the buzz of the big city to hear birds singing, the sound of small waterfalls, and the leaves rattling in the ocean breeze. The hike is relatively easy but be sure to start at Section 8 (bus stop To Tei Wan). From here, the walk takes you up a short distance and then is predominantly downhill with rolling sections to Big Wave Bay. Once you’ve reached Big Wave Bay, you have the option of catching a taxi or mini bus to nearby Shek O. Both areas have fantastic beaches for swimming, and Shek O has a variety of restaurants serving good seafood. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and your bathing suit and towel on this hike. A swim to cool down followed by a fruit smoothie or ice-cream at the end of the hike is heavenly.

Perching on The Peak at 396 metres above sea level, The Peak Tower is one of the most stylish architectural Hong Kong attractions. Inside The Peak Tower, there is a dazzling array of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues set against the beautiful backdrop of the city. Moreover, The Peak Tower boasts the highest 360° viewing platform – The Sky Terrace which offers spectacular panoramic views of the vibrant city. Victoria Harbour is a natural landform harbour situated between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon in Hong Kong offering a stunning view of the city skyscrapers. While the Symphony of Lights is the “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” by Guinness World Records, has been further expanded to include more than 40 buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour. The stunning, unforgettable spectacle synchronised to music and narration that celebrates the energy, spirit and diversity of Hong Kong. Performance starts 8 pm daily.

How to get in or out of Hong Kong? We recommend flying, here is a reason : Freedom! You can technically travel to any country on Earth without having to change your mode of transportation, like those that are land locked, and countries isolated from the rest of the world (eg. Australia). You can get really high up in the air for sightseeing. From Mount Fuji to seeing the sunrise and the curvature of the Earth, it’s all possible with airplanes. Know more about the flight time to prepare yourself for a longer or shorter flight.

If you’re looking for a relaxing spot to unwind after a hectic morning of sightseeing, Hong Kong Park is the place for you. Tucked away amidst the towering skyscrapers, the park’s landscaped gardens and rock gardens perfectly complement the natural landscape, which has two lovely lakes at its center. Many locals come to practice tai chi or relax amidst the greenery. A peaceful place, the park also includes the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, the Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware, and a little cafe if you want to grab a drink and watch the world go by. This scenic ridge is one of the most popular parts of a hiking trail that takes you through five country parks. Nature lovers will absolutely adore the wonderful countryside. The Dragon’s Back is located in Shek O Country Park, and the highlight on the hike is the remarkable view from Shek O Peak. Here, you can gaze out over beaches, bays, and roving hills; the scenery is stunning.

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